There were some double takes in town as UK Drag Race Royalty Divina De Campo was spotted in Manchester on Monday 30 November filming a launch marketing campaign for one of the city’s most disruptive and successful start-up’s, Taptrip. 

Towering high on platform heels and sporting her famous raven locks Divina cut an imposing figure shooting in and outside Hotel Brooklyn in the city.

The business travel technology company which has grown from six to 20 people in spite of the uncertainty facing the corporate travel market due to COVID-19 and has recently raised £2.7 million from investors including Barclays, Techstars, Startup Funding Club, easyJet and ATPI.

Its intuitive platform makes booking business travel as easy as using Netflix and its integration of Ticketmaster, Zomato and Eventbrite among others within the platform means business travellers can also book events, restaurants, even networking events that match their needs all at the same time.  It’s this understanding of the next generation of business travel needs, blurring business + leisure = ‘bleisure’ that’s attracted the big investors and fuelled the start-up’s rapid growth.  That alongside its irreverent personality shared by its founders and team who also star in the video.

“The pandemic has been a real blow for the travel sector but when we got confirmation from UK culture secretary that TV & film production could continue, we knew we had to crack on with our plans to shoot the marketing campaign for Taptrip. I’d like to thank all those hotels and businesses including Hotel Brooklyn that allowed us to shoot safely on their premises despite lockdown.When it’s safe to do so, business travellers are going to need to be encouraged to get moving again, to get dressed fully, not just from the neck up and perfect way to do this will be to stimulate their business brain with their traveller’s heart, that’s what our platform does.  We all have a part to play in getting the travel industry moving again.” – Neil Ruth, Taptrip COO 

“To be honest I’m just bloody grateful for the work!  Only kidding, I’ve known Neil a long time and when he asked for my help I knew I needed to lend my old school glamour to the proceedings!” – Divina De Campo 

The video, shot safely by Manchester’s What Marketing, sees Divina enjoying every element of a Taptrip and will feature as a part of the businesses exciting new marketing campaign going live in 2021.