Beautonomy believes that: the beauty industry tells you to be yourself, but sells you things to look like everyone else. We’re going to change that. Here’s what they have to say…

We are very proud of our customisable eyeshadow palettes. Our online customiser allows our customers to have complete autonomy over their palette, which is what makes us different from other eyeshadow brands. Firstly, our customers are able to choose every individual shade in their palette. This eliminates the wastefulness of buying a palette with lots of shades you don’t use. Secondly, customers are able to add any image or design of their choice to the front of the palette, making it completely unique. Customers are also able to name every shade they choose, so our generic shade names can be removed and made into something personal and fun. We believe that being able to create your own product makes the process much more exciting than buying a palette from a highstreet brand. The end result is a creation that is both personal and useful. 

Beautonomy was started by a larger company, and then taken over by our wonderful owners Tom and Kiemu. Neither Tom nor Kiemu came from beauty backgrounds, but they decided to take on the challenge of growing their own company. Two years down the line, Tom and Kiemu are now joined by five other full time employees, including Tom’s sister, as well as a few very helpful part time designers from all over the world. As a small, family run business, values, quality and care are all very important to us. We will speak out on matters we care about, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, or supporting artists in this trying time. This is probably best reflected via our Instagram, which we use as our main platform for voicing our opinions, as well as to support our creators, and of course promote our products.  

Based in Camberwell, we print the palettes here ourselves, so there’s a lot going on in the office! As a small, young team, we all chip in where we can, and jobs are shared out evenly between us. We’re all very keen to help each other out with packing, printing, writing, or anything that’s thrown at us! We also do everything ourselves: from choosing the shades, to printing packing labels, to creating our Instagram content and everything in between. 

At Beautonomy we believe that high quality makeup should be accessible to everyone. So, we sell our palettes from £19.99 each, making them affordable as they can be. This gives people on any budget the opportunity to create their dream makeup looks without having to spend a fortune. But, we are big believers in quality over quantity, so even though our palettes are in a lower price bracket, our shades are still creamy and pigmented!

We hope that customers enjoy our product, and the creative process of making it!