It’s National Curry Week (5-11 October), and YO! has commissioned a survey to find out how big a nation of curry lovers we in the UK really are.

And, it’s fair to say, we really do still love a good curry. Here’s a few key stats and facts about Manchester’s curry habits:

  • On a scale of one to 10, people in Manchester love a curry an average of 7.5
  • Around three quarters of Mancunians claim curry is probably their favourite meal of all time
  • When it comes to Manchester’s favourite curry, the takeaway favourite Chicken Tikka Masala comes out on top served with pilau rice and naan bread but 80% of people agreed Japanese Katsu curries are becoming increasingly popular
  • People in Manchester like it hot with 40% of respondents saying they like a spicy curry, and another 13% liking a very spicy curry
  • 50% of people make their own curries at home, and think they are delicious

Japanese Katsu curry, alongside Korean Sweet Chilli Chicken, is one of the best-selling dishes at YO!, and recognising this trend this year they launched six exciting new products which will allow people to re-create their favourite restaurant experience at home. The new range includes: Katsu Curry Crumb; Hot & Spicy Katsu; Mild & Creamy Coconut Katsu; Garlic Katsu; Tomato Katsu; and Korean Sweet Chilli Sauce.