Clashing Colours: A Colourful Cacophony Or A Conscious Fashion Choice

By Glossy Magazine

Clashing Colours A Colourful Cacophony Or A Conscious Fashion Choice

Clashing Colours: A Colourful Cacophony Or A Conscious Fashion Choice

Clashing Colours A Colourful Cacophony Or A Conscious Fashion Choice

From the ‘cool’ vibes of an all-beige look to the more eccentric style of all-out bright pinks, our colour choices have always been the most notable things about our outfits. Colour is the first thing anyone notices, after all, and it’s ultimately what tells the story of who we are through what we wear.

That’s why it’s a lot of fun to play with colour in our outfit choices. But, as you choose your colour scheme for the day, you probably keep one simple piece of advice in mind – don’t choose clashing colours!

Unless you want to look like you got dressed in the dark, most fashion experts have long advised against clashy clashy outfits. But, as more and more clashing colours make their way onto the catwalk, it seems that the tides are changing slightly. Does that mean you should embrace clashing colours at long last? Not necessarily. But it does mean that there might be more of a place for clashing colours in your wardrobe than you previously thought. Simply consider the following ways to make sure your clashes are complementary rather than cacophonous.

Step 1: Stick with block colours

Clashing colours might be a pretty fun modern fashion choice, but they also make for quite a loud finished outfit. While this needn’t be a bad thing, it does require a delicate balance. Namely, you’ll want to avoid introducing further confusing elements, such as prints. Instead, stick with block clashing colours, especially when you first start experimenting. This ensures that your colours really pop and that, when placed in such direct contrast, they oddly complement one another. Whereas, if you added the confusion of prints, your colours would be at risk of losing their definition, and simply looking out of place together.

Step 2: Use accessories to your advantage

Sometimes, the best clashing colours come from our accessories, rather than our outfits themselves. Pairing something like a red leather crossbody bag with an orange cardigan could, after all, add that much-needed pop without requiring a necessarily ‘clashing’ outfit. Bright, clashing accessories which could include scarves, hats, and so on, also allow you to play around with clashing combinations that you can easily shift and change if you decide that they don’t work when you catch yourself in the mirror halfway through the day.

Step 3: Choose your colours wisely

Clashing colours are undeniably entering the fashion mainstream, but you’ll still look eccentric if you pair, say, blue tights with a pink skirt. A more mainstream approach to clashing combos should consider more subtle pairings as seen on catwalks in recent years, including oranges and pinks, red and pink and, if you’re feeling a little more experimental, pink and green. For the most part, these are subtle clashing options that can make for a great pop of interest in an outfit, without looking all-out ‘whacky’ like some other clashing combos might.

Clashing colours can be a lot of fun if you turn them into a conscious fashion choice using tips like these!

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