How To Transform Your Winter Style

By Glossy Magazine

How To Transform Your Winter Style

How To Transform Your Winter Style

How To Transform Your Winter Style

Defining your fashion identity can be tricky. There is so much inspiration out there that you can take styles from various sources. While this can sometimes work, it also risks a fashion mismatch that makes it feel like you don’t know your identity. 

With winter upon you, there’s a chance to change all that. While the colder months might not feel like you have as much freedom to express yourself through fashion, there are some fantastic opportunities to explore. If you want to transform your winter style check out this advice. 

The Perfect Coat or Jacket 

You’ll spend a lot of time wearing a winter jacket over the next few months, so you may as well look good while doing it. The perfect coat or jacket is an essential garment to add to your winter wardrobe. You need something comfortable and functional, helping you stay warm while still looking stylish whenever you’re out of the house. 

Once you’ve found the perfect coat focusing on warmth and dryness, consider extra features or accessories that will make it more interesting. Buttons and buckles are two great additions. You can also add patches to give it a little more character. 

Glamorous Accessories

Since you’ll be attending plenty of events over the holidays, whether for work or with friends and family, you’ll want to add some glam to your look. While you can wear anything you like, you might prefer to match the accessory to the season. 

There’s no hard-and-fast rule surrounding which jewelry pieces are right or wrong, but gemstones and pearls make the ideal addition to any look. They capture the magic and elegance of the winter season and often go with more outfits, especially since you might take to wearing darker colors. 

Something Unique Underneath 

When people think of winter style, they imagine hats and scarves, jeans, and other warm clothing. However, this isn’t the only answer to your winter wardrobe wondering. 

You won’t spend all your time outside, so you still get the chance to wear something you feel confident and comfortable sporting when you attend a party or dinner. Researching corsets can give you plenty of great ideas and could inspire you to try something unique. You might feel all bundled up in your winter coat, but once the party starts, you can feel like you belong. 

Shoes That Make A Statement 

You need to keep your feet warm and dry during winter when you’re walking the streets to that fancy restaurant or heading home after work. But you don’t need to accept bulky, unfashionable snow boots that detract from your style. 

Instead, look for winter boots that match the look you’re trying to cultivate while offering all the benefits you need. The best boots offer waterproof materials like leather and warm interior lining that can insulate the warmth and keep your feet and toes toasty. 

Try A New Makeup Style 

Your makeup routine is an excellent way to express yourself, and many people love to match their makeup colors to the season. While the summer months may have encouraged bright yellows or other summery shades, winter gives you the chance to experiment with something different. 

Depending on the event, you can try colder shades like light blue or even silver. If you want to really glam up your style, anything with glitter can also make a difference. Of course, some of these styles may not be suitable for all occasions. 

Seasonal Nail Polish

Similarly, seasonal nail polish can work if you prefer to keep your makeup more natural. Many people love to get their nails done over the holidays and try wintery colors and styles that are perfect for the office Christmas party. 

You can do your nails yourself or make a date with your friends in the coming weeks to add something different to your style and bring something subtle but effective to your look.

Luxury Sweaters 

As much as the holidays are about being thankful for one another and spending time with family, you can also take the opportunity to treat yourself. If this sounds appealing, there are few things better than a cashmere sweater. 

These items are perfect for layering and they are always elegant enough to add to any outfit. What’s more, the quality and various fashionable styles always enhance your look, so you can wear them with just about anything. 

Glam Winter

You shouldn’t feel you need to huddle up and hide your style from the world just because it’s cold. There are plenty of ways for you to express yourself and transform your winter style, from wearing the finest winter coats to treating yourself to a luxury sweater for those chilled holiday evenings with friends and family.