How to choose the best tan for your skin…

There are now a great deal of tans on the market but it’s important to choose the right tan for you and your skin type to ensure your skin looks its best – smooth and with a gorgeous natural looking glow.  So what tans are best for what skin types?

Dry Skin – Gradual tanning moisturisers and lotions are the perfect choice for those with dry skin, due to them generally being more moisturising. Tanning waters are also a good alternative choice, which due to having a combination of nourishing ingredients and vitamins, are very hydrating on the skin and great for drier skin types. As both gradual tanning moisturisers and waters are more lightweight, it allows them to be a lot easier to apply on dry skin and the product can be built up on the skin over a number of days to achieve the desired colour. Top tanning pick: That’so Gradual Tanning Moisturiser


Oily Skin – For those with oilier skin types or acne-prone skin, they should try to steer clear of tans that are oil based, and instead, opt for tans with natural ingredients that will work to soothe the skin. Tans that include ingredients like Aloe Vera are particularly effective, which help to sooth and relieve the skin, whilst providing it with softness and brightness. Top tanning pick: That’so Nature Tan in shades Intense Bronze or Light Bronze or Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

All Skin Types – Fake tan mousses and spray tans are generally a fantastic tanning choice for everyone, which allow for immediate colour results. However, it’s important to look for a tan with great active ingredients that will blend on your skin seamlessly and not leave it dry and patchy. It’s also important with all types of tan to ensure you exfoliate prior to using the tan to create a smooth base, allowing the tan to look its best and be long-lasting. Top tanning pick: Nature Tan in shades Intense Bronze or Light Bronze or Special Edition On-The-Go Dark Hemp

Pale Skin – you may want to opt for a tan that looks more natural in colour and that won’t look streaky against your skin. Gradual Tans are great for those with pale skin tones, as well as instant tans that are lighter in colour. Top tanning pick: Gradual Tanning Moisturiser or Nature Tan Light Bronze


For those with olive and darker skin tones, they can be bolder with their tanning and opt for darker shades of tan to enhance their skin tone. However, with darker tans, it’s key to ensure the ingredients are moisturising and won’t be drying on your skin. Top tanning pick: Special Edition On-The-Go Dark Hemp or Nature Tan Intense Bronze


All That’so products are vegan and cruelty free and are also all dermatologically tested and nickel free, paraben free and all preservatives are minimised. The products feature a range of lovely ingredients from aloe vera to pineapple extract, as well as vitamins and minerals that are nourishing and hydrating on the skin and some of the products even include topical ingredients such as Hemp Water and Hemp Oil.