Your favourite stars are earning eye-watering amounts of money by simply posting on the OnlyFans platform – seriously, we’re talking millions of pounds.

But which celebrities are earning the most? The number crunchers at SlotsUp have delved into the data to reveal!

  1. Blac Chyna – £15,418,259 
  2. Bella Throne – £9,013,128 
  3. Cardi B – £7,158,487
  4. Tyga – £5,896,939
  5. Mia Khalifa – £4,920,033 
  6. Erica Mena – £3,442,505
  7. Pia Mia – £1,701,040
  8. Safaree Samuels – £1,466,154 
  9. Megan Barton-Hanson – £807,559
  10. Casanova – £805,950
  1. Blac Chyna – £15,418,259 per month

Whilst this amount seems incredibly high, this takes into account her 16.3 million Instagram followers paying £39.43 per month to access her pulse-racing content. Fans can also opt for a year’s subscription which will set you back £354 ($450) but which gives you 25% off.

  1. Bella Thorne – £9,013,128 per month

Actress Bella Thorne charges her fans £15 a month to view her content, and combined with her 23.8m Instagram followers, we calculated her estimated earnings to be over £9m per month. She was recently embroiled in controversy over selling nude photos on OnlyFans for $200 (£149.70) that were not as described. Her actions resulted in OnlyFans capping the amount that creators can charge for this extra content.

  1. Cardi B – £7,158,457 per month

Rapper Cardi B could earn over £7m per month on OnlyFans sharing behind-the-scenes content from her recent release WAP for just £3.93 per month, whilst making it very clear that she won’t be sharing nude content.

Original info from SlotsUp can be found here

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