If it’s not ‘visibly’ dirty it doesn’t need washing right? Wrong.

Despite the enhanced hygiene measures we’ve been taking in recent months, a new survey has revealed the grubby truth about how little UK households are washing household fabrics around the home – which experts have shockingly indicated could be harbouring all sorts of hidden nasties.

In a Surcare survey of 2000 UK adults, the 10 least laundered items in the home include:

  1. Rugs – more than 55% of people have NEVER washed or deep cleaned their rug (either in a domestic washing machine or professionally) – ever! Making them the least washed fabric item in the home
  1. Pillows – 41% have never washed their current pillows. Only 5% wash their pillows to the recommended frequency (every three months)
  1. Curtains – 34% have never cleaned their curtains. Only 18% factor them into their annual clean
  1. Duvets – 25% have never washed their current duvet. Only 12% wash their duvet to the recommended frequency (every six months
  1. Throws (and blankets) – Only 15% have washed their sofa or bed throw in the last 12 months
  1. Bedding (sheets) – average length between washes was 18 days. One in ten haven’t changed their bedding in six months
  1. Pillow covers – pillow covers are just as neglected as bedding. The average length between washes was 16 days
  1. Towels – on average we wash our towels once a week
  1. Cleaning cloths – only 10% of people wash their cleaning cloths
  1. Tea Towels – 21% of people only wash their tea towel once a week, experts recommend it should be changed every day!

And also up there in the overall least cleaned items in the home is the washing machine itself – a massive 62% claim they have not cleaned their washing machine in the past six months. Despite being responsible for keeping our clothes clean and fresh, the crevices and damp conditions of our washing machines can be a breeding ground for bacteria. They should in fact be cleaned inside and out once a month!