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Pandemics aren’t exactly sexy, so we don’t blame you if all you and your partner did was get snug on the sofa or spend hours scrolling on your phone but now that we’re slowly adapting to our new normal, it’s time to take the new year as a real sexual opportunity.

So, grab your new year’s resolutions and create a self-care section, because spicing up your sex life is the top priority.

A happy sex life has a direct impact on other facets of life. The physical activity releases all those feel good endorphins, with or without a happy ending. It can reduce your stress levels too, and give you a boost of confidence.

Take a look at the top three things you can fill your spare time with in 2022!

Get curious – Google is your friend!

We’re not born with knowledge on how to use all types of vibrators or how to send a flirty text, and they definitely didn’t teach us that in sex ed. Having a quick Google to find some guidance is bound to bring up some answers to your questions (and some interesting results too, so don’t go searching at work). You’re not alone in this either, Bedbible.com actually has some spicy data that reveals all about how us Brits use Google to discover more about sex…

In 2021, kink took the top spot in searches as us Brits had a clear interest in broadening the sexual scope, according to our search histories.

‘What is BDSM’ was searched more in 2021, than any other year, with 21,000. This was followed by searches for ‘orgy’ and ‘sex toys for men’ with both having a total number of 12k searches.

The number of Brits searching to find their g-spot dropped to 881 searches, so maybe we managed to finally figure out during lockdown?

Make a *spicy* bucket list…

You might decide that having a new routine will keep you in check as the new year begins, but don’t put your sex life in the same box. Our brains love a new experience, and for many people, boring sex can easily be remedied with just a few tweaks here and there. The extra effort is definitely worth it too, and it’s not as difficult as you’d think either. Incorporating a few new positions you’d like to try can really shift the angles you’re working with, and hit some spots that have been needing attention.

It can be a bit of an overwhelming experience though, and it can be way too easy to run out of ideas.

Bedbible.com’s huge round up of the 50 best sex positions will give you a helping hand – whether you’re LGBTQ+, polyamorous or into the kinkier side of things.

Embrace your fantasies – they’re what makes you, you!

There’s no room for kink shaming in 2022, instead let’s get involved in whatever it takes to get your gears turning. Even if they’re a little bit less conventional than what you’re used to hearing about – as long as it involves consensual adults, what’s the harm? But it can be a bit difficult to overcome any internalised shame you might have about kinks, and having discussions with your partner about the more eyebrow raising fetishes isn’t always easy.

Take comfort in the fact that we’ve all got a couple of quirks in the bedroom – life is too short to not explore them too. Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing the boundaries in the bedroom is bound to be a memorable experience.

Of course, sexual self exploration isn’t a linear journey. It can take time to truly understand yourself, your partner and what your body wants and needs from those spicy bedroom experiences.

Whilst turning to Google or mixing it up with some new positions can help with this journey, the best step is to approach it with an open mind.

Make time and space, both physically and mentally, and your 2022 will be an eye-opening ‘sexperience’.



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